Matematichki Bilten (abbreviated as Mat. Bilten) is the successor of BILTEN NA DRUSTVATA NA MATEMATIČARITE I FIZIČARITE OD SR MAKEDONIJA (Bilten na DMF).

It is the oldest Macedonian mathematical journal, published by the Union of Mathematicians of Macedonia. It was founded by the Union of Mathematicians and Physicists of Macedonia in 1950. Until 1976 it appeared once a year. The first three issues were printed in 800 copies. Starting from the fourth issue is printed in 500 copies. Until 1976, 26 issues (about 73 pages per issue) of the Bilten na DMF were published. These issues contain 235 scientific papers, about 180 of them are in the field of mathematics and about 50 of them are in the field of physics. There are also 20 other articles, which are documents, reports, reviews, etc., related to the work of the Union of Mathematicians and Physicists of Macedonia.

Since 1977 the journal is indexed as Matematichki Bilten (Mat. Bilten), Bulletin Mathématique de la Société des Mathématiciens de la République de Macédoine (see Mathematical Reviews Serials Abbreviations List). The journal is devoted to pure and applied mathematics. It covers practically all mathematical areas: algebra, analysis, topology, graph theory, measure theory and integration, differential equations and dynamic systems, mathematical optimization, probability theory and mathematical statistics and their application in different areas, such as applications in finance and modeling, etc. Around 410 papers were published since 1977. Each volume had one issue, except for the period of 1979-1988 that has 5 double issues (no. 29-30, 31-32, 33-34,35-36 and 37-38). Since 2013 Mat. Bilten appears twice a year.

The journal is distributed to over 230 scientific and higher education institutions around the world, as a result of a very generous exchange for a large number of scientific mathematical journal that enrich the library of the Institute of Mathematics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Skopje.

We will mention many mathematicians that have given an enormous contribution to the development and the publishing of Mat. Bilten by their volunteer work in the Editorial Board: Dragoslav Mitrinović , Blagoj Popov, Jože Ulčar, Platon Dimić, Ġorģi Čupona, Ilija Šapkarev, Branko Trpenovski, Danica Perčinkova, Dragan Dimitrovski, Smile Markovski, Slobodanka Georgievska, Smilka Zdravkovska, Ognjan Jotov, Aleksandar Samardžiski, Dimitra Karčicka, Boro Pipereski, Radojko Sekuloski, Kiril Stojmenovski, Doncho Dimovski, Borko Ilievski, Magdalena Georgiva, Nikola Pandeski, Nikita Shekutkovski, Aleksa Malcheski i Gjorgji Markoski.